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This Month’s Theme: Seasons

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The Human Aspect of Business

Growing a manufacturing entity, including sales and profits, requires passion, dedication and trusted relationships with your customers and suppliers, both internal and external. We believe in what we do. As your strategic partner we apply our proven experience so that you team in a cooperative and successful dynamic with the next link up and down the human-populated and managed supply chain. We ensure that you receive and deliver the highest quality of raw materials, components, assemblies or finished goods through the most streamlined, cost-effective and time-efficient business management processes, tailored to the demands of your organization.


AISCENT provides aerospace and defense manufacturers with a comprehensive array of operational and organizational management services. We specifically support domestic and international developers of existing and emerging advanced technologies seeking to establish and make more effective their business presence in the supply-chain marketplace.


Effective Business Model

The AISCENT dual-approach business-development model enables us to market, sell and supply your build-to-print and build-to-spec items directly to Governmental Agencies, OEMs and end-user customers while at the same time substantially reinforcing your organization from within.

Tailored Services & Turnkey Solutions

From turnkey infrastructure and organizational setup to tailored services — covering physical site preparation, licensing and regulatory compliance; staffing; ERP migration and integration; strategic planning; business development; Foreign Military Sales (FMS) , Foreign Military Financing (FMF) and offset partnering expertise; bid and proposal management; contracts management; program management; and integrated logistic support (ILS), including technical writing and submittal of CDRL / SDRL deliverables; ITAR / EAR export compliance management — our seasoned, highly experienced and proven professionals seamlessly team with the Client Organization so as to meet customer goals and objectives under the most cost-effective and time-efficient schedule possible.

Efficient Integration

AISCENT efficiently integrates with and organically strengthens operational infrastructure from within, thus ensuring stability while injecting vital dynamic resourcefulness into the organization, with all activities and pace of growth remaining under our Client’s complete control.

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