AISCENT history covers over 30 years in which our management team has successfully brought aerospace, defense & hi-tech supply-chain products and technologies to market. During that time, through to the present, we applied our proven experience through strategic partnerships with international and U.S. small business operations. AISCENT has served to facilitate cooperative and successful teaming with the next link up and down the supply chain so as to ensure the most streamlined, cost-effective and time-efficient procurement, receiving and delivery of the highest quality of raw materials, components, assemblies and finished goods. A brief presentation of our chronological milestones is as follows:

AISCENT Milestones

The cumulative experience of AISCENT management begins in 1980, with funding awards by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. To learn more please click on any of the items listed following:

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  • Aerospace & Defense

    Shortly thereafter transitioning to the aerospace and defense industries, 1986 saw our first multi-million dollar contract award with the U.S. Air Force, for development, manufacture and supply of airborne electronics for the F-111 Aircraft.
    Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

    Adding to our diversification, in 1990 we entered the defense lubricants and specialty chemicals market, becoming a top depot-level supplier to the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency by 1993, having been chosen by Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR) to pioneer their manufacturer-direct distribution system.
    Assigned in 1998 to found and establish the U.S. avionics subsidiary for an international parent company, our business development and operations activities once again led to multi-million-dollar awards, multi-year backlogs and top supplier status, including prime contracts and 1st-tier subcontracts for domestic and international supply of flight-critical airborne electronics.
    High-Profile U.S. Navy Programs

    We continued growing steadily, leading to high-profile contracts with the U.S. Navy, including management of one program awarded in 2006 valued at $60-million-dollars.
    International Contracts

    Our expertise led then to management of a $170-million-dollar contract closeout involving international supply of power-plant safety electronic systems.
    Major OEM Programs

    We recently managed high-dollar TINA and IDIQ proposals for a major defense contractor, and authored comprehensive plans for new and innovative manufacturing efficiency models submitted to the U.S. Army for a 10-year supply and logistics program.

    And currently, top aerospace and defense OEMs have called on us for various assignments, including business development, international contracts management, and executive consulting.

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