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Integrated Solutions

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Tailored Services

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Our Mission

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Business Development & Sales

Aiscent, LLC directly markets select product lines internationally and to the U.S. Government...


...and provides a full spectrum of services to existing and emerging domestic and international technologies and manufacturers seeking to establish or enhance and make more effective their operational presence in the U.S. supply-chain marketplace.

Stable Growth

From turnkey infrastructure and organizational setup — covering physical site preparation, licensing, regulatory compliance, staffing, ERP migration and integration to strategic planning, through to targeted business development, including Foreign Military Sales (FMS) as often funded by Foreign Military Financing (FMF), bid and proposal management, contracts management, program management and ILS assignments...


...our highly experienced and proven professional staff will seamlessly team with your organization, applying all essential resources so as to meet your goals and objectives under the most cost-effective and time-efficient schedule possible.
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